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SPECIAL OFFER PRICE - 10% OFF on SELECT Postal Uniform Orders

Letter Carrier spending over $400? Window Clerk spending over $170? Enjoy a 10% bonus on us!

That's right, at Postal Uniforms Direct, when you place your postal uniform order, we will give you 10% OFF your uniform order once the criteria is met.   This offer is good on phone and fax orders too!

This deduction will automatically be applied to your order once your craft level has been reached. YOU MUST SELECT A CRAFT to receive the discount! 

If you go over your allotment, you will need to use your personal card to pay for the difference.

Check the balance on your card:

If you are unsure of your current balance on your Postal Uniform Purchase Card, please call 800-287-5003 to check your available balance and your postal uniform allowance anniversary. 

Postal Uniform
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Postal Uniforms Direct provides Made in the USA Postal Employee uniforms

Spend full postal uniform allowance for 10% off


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